Calendar 2020

Our regularly scheduled monthly meeting dates as follows. Please see the “Workshops 2020” page for special events and workshops.

September Meeting: Your Executive is pleased to announce we are once again able to meet, as a group, at the HCP Pavilion. Our first meeting this fall will be held Monday, Sept 21st @ 6:30 p.m.

Members are encouraged to bring a choice tree (or two) to this meeting for everyone to view, enjoy and then vote on.

The winner will be the recipient of the George Heffelfinger “Peoples’ Choice” Award.

Some members may remember that Jim Donaldson was the first “winner” with a Satsuki Azalea which was in full bloom. Kent MacLeod won the award the following year. This year it could be you!

We will also have a sign-up sheet for the book Bonsai Aesthetics by Francois Jeker, which we will order from Stone Lantern publishing.

Bonsai Aesthetics is one of the only Western bonsai books dedicated to the major principles of Japanese aesthetics as applied to bonsai. Practical and simple, yet full of ideas which will inspire and challenge your bonsai skills and understanding.

As with our August meeting, there are COVID protocols. People will be required to wear a mask inside, which we will provide. We also provide hand sanitizer. At any one time inside the pavilion, we are limited to 22 ‘units’ which can be either 22 individuals or 22 couples or a combination (e.g., 16 individuals and 6 couples). If we have a few more people, the Executive

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will step outside. To give us a general idea of how many members will be coming please respond at the following e-mail address:

Please also note if you are bringing a tree.
If you are bringing a tree, we will be able to receive your tree as early as 6 PM.

October Meeting: Our October meeting, like last year will be our Annual Auction. Unlike last year, the format will be quite different (yes, due to COVID). This will be a ‘Silent Auction’. There will be a bidding sheet placed at every tree, bonsai pot, or tool being auctioned.

Please take a photo of the trees, pots or tools you will like to auction off, so we have an idea of what our inventory will be (the Exec needs to print off bidding sheets, provide pencils, etc.). We will also place the photos on our website for people to view beforehand.

More details on the entry, minimum bids, viewing and bidding process, etc. will be forthcoming.

November Meeting: This will be our AGM and social mixer. More information to follow soon.

We look forward to seeing everyone there, Your Executive Committee

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