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Introducing the LAB First-of-its-kind collaboration to shake up the art of bonsai.

Pacific Bonsai Museum’s LAB (Living Art of Bonsai) is an experimental collaborative for bonsai design innovation.

This multiyear endeavour kicks off in 2018 with its inaugural LAB project investigating sequence. The project will reimagine traditional bonsai practices by re-sequencing the order of influence between the bonsai artist, ceramicist, and stand-maker.

Rather than starting with a styled tree and asking both the pot and the stand-maker to respond to it (as is traditionally practiced), the LAB asks: what if the stand comes first?; or the pot?; where can these makers take the art of bonsai if they allow themselves to influenced by each other in an entirely new way?

The LAB is a multi-year project consisting of collaborative working sessions and presentation sessions that will produce three, one-of-a-kind works of living art.

These works will be created (in some portions, before a live audience) and revealed to patrons of the project through gatherings both live and online. All members of the design team will be present for each gathering to answer audience questions and discuss their work philosophies and design decisions in detail.

A three minute video trailer to the forthcoming documentary is available for viewing and sharing here:

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