Feeding. By Mark Patterson

There are three really simple ways to fertilize your bonsai.

1: Use Shultz Plant Food Plus (10-15-10) all purpose fertilizer, 7 drops per liter, use according to instructions every time you water.  Alternatively, Miracle Gro at half strength or Alaska All Purpose Fish Fertilizer at recommended dilution are good substitutes.

2: Use plant spikes of the appropriate type for your tree.  They come in various formulations for evergreens, flowering plants, fruiting, vegtables.  Stick one in the soil and forget about feeding for a couple months. Use a *small* amount.

2: Use granular fertilizer and sprinkle it on the soil at the base of the plant, sparingly.

More Detail

Fertilizers are salts containing particular elements and compounds, which are dissolved in water then taken up by the plant when the plant absorbs the water.

Our trees need different combinations of minerals, depending on the needs of the species at various times of the year.

We sugggest all purpose fertilizer because it is balanced in the major areas of plant nutrients and is seldom excessive in the minor or major areas. Most plants will thrive with 2-2-2 thru 20-20-20, with 10-10-10 being an optimum all purpose spring and summer strength.