Calendar 2021

Enjoying Bonsai on Vancouver Island

Covid-19 Discussion:  Even though the numbers of active covid cases (22 on July 12th) for Vancouver Island have declined and covid restrictions have been reduced for organized events, there are still Covid protocols to be observed. Not everyone may have received their 2nd vaccination , and some people may not have received their 1stshot.  Since a fully vaccinated person can still contract and pass on the covid virus, we are asking members to be respectful with everyone. Wearing masks are optional so please do what makes you most comfortable.  It is still advisable to remain 6 feet apart.  We will provide hand sanitizer.

Our next club meeting is on Monday , July 19th at 7 PM in the HCP Bonsai Garden. You may wish to bring a tree that is currently showing well; or bring a troubled tree to educate us, or perhaps to ask for some advice.  You can bring a pine tree and prune back the new shoots or . . . you may just want to sit, chat, and compare bonsai experiences of the last 6 months.

The August meeting will be on Monday Aug 16th This meeting will also be a social gathering for us bonsai enthusiasts.

September Meeting: Your Executive is pleased to announce we are once again able to meet, as a group, in the HCP Pavilion.  Our first meeting this fall will be held Monday, Sept 20th starting @ 6:30 p.m. to give time to bring place your trees for viewing. Members are encouraged to bring a choice tree (or two) to this meeting for everyone to view, enjoy and then vote on. The winner will be the recipient of the George Heffelfinger “Peoples’ Choice” Award.

Monday Oct 18 Meeting – Silent Auction Again, we will meet, as a group, in the HCP Pavilion.  This will be a silent auction. The doors will be open @ 6:00 p.m. to give time to bring and place your trees for our auction.  The auction itself will start at 7 PM.

Nov 15 Meeting – Christmas Social. We will meet in the HCP Pavilion at 7:00 PM.  We will celebrate the closing of 2021 and talk about future directions for our club in 2022.  As we leave the Covid era, we will be thinking about getting back to more normal meetings; bringing in outside lecturers, etc.  We will also be thinking about the nomination of new club executives since we will be voting in February.

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